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Recital Music - 2018

We hope this page will encourage our students to practice their recital dance at home by providing access to the recital music. As much as we'd love to just allow you to download the MP3 to your computer or iPod, our agreements with the music licensing companies don't allow it, so for now we're trying this streaming option.

These are the specific, cut-down versions of the songs that will be used for recital - in most cases they differ significantly from the original song.

In theory, this should work on Mac, PC, iPads, Android Tablets - pretty much anything. If you find a device from which you cannot play music, please send feedback to

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Dance Combo 5 & 6

Dance Combo 6 & 7

Dance Combo 7+

Hip Hop


Jr. Pre-School Combo




Musical Theater

Sr. Pre-School Combo


Solos / Duets