2024 Recital FAQs - Springfield

Q. Do I need to be on my computer right when tickets go on sale in order to get good seats?

A. No. The earlier you buy, the closer your tickets may be to the stage this auditorium is very well designed and everyone should be able to get good seats for the recital. 

Q. Does my baby need a ticket?

A. Any child who can stay in your lap does not need a ticket. If you want the option of having a toddler sit in their own seat or having a seat to put a baby carrier on, you will need to buy a ticket for that seat.

Q. What if I'm out of town the week tickets go on sale?

A. If you've got an internet connection you can still buy them online; otherwise, you may need to ask a friend or family member to help you out.

Q. Why are the tickets reserved seating? Wouldn't it be easier and fairer to just do general admission?

A. General admission works great when you have many more seats than people attending. Unfortunately, that is not the case for our recitals. Most of our recitals either sell out, or come very close to doing so. As anyone who has gone to a sold out movie before knows, however, general admission at a sold-out event causes major headaches. The last 10% of people who come for the show are left with the scattered single seats that people have tried to leave as a buffer between them and other groups. They can't sit with the rest of their families and they often have to ask people to move their coats and bags. In addition to being stressful for everyone involved, it also often delays the beginning of the show. Reserved seating creates some additional headaches, but alleviates a lot of major stress and trouble the day of the recital.

Q. What happens if we plan to be in the recital but then find out we have to move or have something else come up months from now that prohibits us from participating in the recital?

A. We understand that once in a while, this sort of thing comes up unexpectedly. Please just let us know a.s.a.p. so appropriate adjustments can be made to class choreography. Recital Fees are non-refundable once ordered (because the costume companies don't allow returns) but we will make sure you still get your costume & recital t-shirt. Recital tickets are non-refundable, but you may be able to find a buyer in the Perfect Pointe Community Hub on Facebook.